Android Question Creating a login/register application


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Hi everyone in the b4a community!

I just started using b4a and have a question. I'm still at school and I am in the making of an application. My team decided to create an application where you could see if the parking spot you desire is free or taken. We have made a database and are using sensors to track any movement of objects above it.

My job is to create a login and register module for the application. I already made the interface and linked the activities but I don't understand how I can connect to my database server (MS SQL). The thing is I want to connect so I can check if the information is correct so that the user can login. Or write a new row in my database if the register button is tapped.

So long things made short I want to read/write to my mssql database in terms of login/register. I wouldn't ask on this forum if I knew how but I've searched alot and didn't find alot of helpful sources...

Thanks in advance!


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See these links
it´s only one link, @Erel ... Do i need to explain you on how to create two different Links? :D lol.... Sorry, could´nt resist :D (i know; it´s the forumsoftware which sometimes do such crap)