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    Hi everybody, I try to make some views loaded from a table create on Excel.

    My plan is show a form with a lot of labels, editboxes and buttons. In the table I try to define the text, text size, height, width and hint.
    The user put the answer and then save to a Xls file.

    The excel library has RowsCount, and with it I get the number of rows, but inside a for I compare with an IF if is button, label or edittext.
    Then if I set a number in rowcount on "For i=1 to RowsCount -1" my test not crash, but I dont get all views.

    How can I make it better?

    I upload an small project.
    suggestions, comments, improvements, and teasing are welcome

    I making it in base of this:

    Libraries Requiered:

    jxl.jar from the last zip and copy to your B4A libraries.

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    Solved problem, the label, button and edittext array make more bigger, no more!!

    For Sorex!