Android Question Creating Isometric Game with B4A


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Hi there...

i was thinking creating isometric game (like rpg or strategy or a mix of it)...

is there any ready library can tiles/maps of this kind.. (isometric) ?

or any kind of example...

Thanks for any answer

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Informatix has adapted the library for b4a and has provided a lot examples. They contain a lot of stuff, but not everything.

His PacDroid example shows how sprites & collision work.

If you need further iformation the only way is to read the documentation. It is Java but it should be easy to adapt it (calling a function via Java is the same as we do it in b4a because it is the same library). I don't want to be annoying but take a look at the documentation here:

And yes, it's a lot of work to understand that stuff (for us, too)


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@KMatle ofcourse i am using search... but i can't find specifc isometric example with sprite animations / collision / zoom in - out...

do you have any ?
The differences between a 2D game using a top or side view and a 2D game using an isometric view are the artwork and the coordinate system (you have lines and rows, but they are not vertical and horizontal on screen; that being said, in a classic 2D game, you also have to create a function to convert the screen coordinates into world coordinates so the real main difference is in fact just the artwork). Everything else is the same. So all examples provided with libGDX can be useful to you, e.g. the Box2D demos.