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    I noticed that clickable words created with CSBuilder do not work as expected when they are not preceded or followed by other text.

    Dim cs3 As CSBuilder

    18).Append(CreateClickableWord("No l./t. space")).PopAll

    Label4.Text = cs3  
    'label text is centered

    In this case, the click event also fires when you click the label (not the clickable word).

    It is possible to work around the issue by appending Chr(0) before and/or after the clickable word:

    Dim cs5 As CSBuilder

    18).Append(Chr(0)).Append(CreateClickableWord("Click me")).Append(Chr(0)).PopAll

    Label7.Text = cs5

    Would it be possible to implement a fix to this issue in the CSBuilder library?

    Attached please find a small project that demonstrates the issue.

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    I see the behavior you are talking about. However the actual implementation is in Android SDK. CSBuilder correctly adds the native ClickableSpan.
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