Bug? CTRL + C almost %50 of times take long to cut text


- Summary: Whenever I try to cut selected text, it takes 1-4 seconds to cut. This occurs %50 of cut that I do.
- Reproduction Steps:
1. Select any text
2. Cut it via CTRL + C
3. It will take some seconds to cut

- Actual Behavior:
This take long to cut.
This behavior seen many times. But I never reported because I thought it may be my own system issue. But continuous occurrence with older and latest version, I guess its bug in b4a.

- Expected Behavior:
I expected it will cut under milli seconds like normal apps do.

Additional optional parts to a bug report:

I'm using latest version of b4a.
OS: windows 10 32 bit
Please see video. Everything will got cleared after.



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I had the same issue a while back. I'm operating a Win10 machine using RDP from my Linux workstation, and it turned out to be the clipboard sync feature that caused annoying pauses. I simply disabled that feature and then everything was working great again. (I assume it was a bug in my RDP client.)

Not sure if this is applicable to this bug report, but in any case it might help some other forum member down the line now that I documented it. :)


Actually, in my case,

1. I use original environment, NOT VM or RDP etc
2. From many months I'm noticing this with both old and latest releases
3. I don't use much softwares at a time except browser, emulator.
4. I use other IDEs like Visual Studio, C++ Builder etc. If this problem created with any software, then it should occur in them as well.

But wait, I do use b4a on other environments, so that I can verify whether its platform bug or NOT.


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I can verify whether its platform bug or NOT
With almost total certainty it's not. You have to remember that B4X has so many users. If there was a problem with CTRL+C there would be numerous posts in the forum about it. It's not like we're talking about a super-seldomly used feature here that most users doesn't use.

Still a good step to check on your other environments. If they work, then you should try to figure out what's different between them and the machine with the problem. If they show the same problem then you should start asking yourself how your environments differ from a freshly installed Win10.


For bug report, credit goes to Eric. (https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...mes-take-long-to-cut-text.130862/#post-823871)

And I test b4a:
- win7 (VM) (works fine)
- win10 (VM) (works fine)
- win10 (original pc) (problems)

So that's clearly state something problem in my OS setting, instead of B4A.
I reinstalled OS, and it gone.

I know I have some bad habits. I do mostly turn off some windows services in hope of making pc more fast.
But atleast it would give me a chance to learn from my mistakes.
Please accept apologies.