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Hi there.
I wasn't sure what to call this, but I decided it was a "movie viewer".

Here's the story.
A few weeks ago i heard about the media center "Front Row" for Mac.
It was awesome, but unfortunately there is no version for Windows,
So I decided I would have to build my own, a bit crappier too.
And here's the result!
It finds the 7 latest movie's at (Wich updated about every week).
Then it displays a preview image, cast and release date.
And of course, A link to the official trailer.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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There's just something about your loops... :confused:

Take the DeleteOld program. You are forcing an endless loop; then evaluating a condition and breaking out of the loop when false. Well thats exactly what 'Do While <condition is true>' .... 'Loop' does itself.

Try this for your DeleteOld.exe

[COLOR="Blue"]Sub[/COLOR] App_Start
   [COLOR="blue"]Sleep[/COLOR] ([COLOR="Purple"]1000[/COLOR])
   [COLOR="blue"]Do While FileExist[/COLOR]([COLOR="DarkRed"]"Image"[/COLOR] & current & [COLOR="darkred"]".jpg"[/COLOR])
      [COLOR="blue"]FileDel[/COLOR]([COLOR="darkred"]"Image"[/COLOR] & current & [COLOR="darkred"]".jpg"[/COLOR])
      current = current + [COLOR="purple"]1[/COLOR]
[COLOR="blue"]End Sub[/COLOR]


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Thanks for noticing Zenerdiode. I don't thing a Do While loop will make the application much faster though. I've corrected it, but I'm not going to update the files