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Andrea Falcucci

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As requested, I open here a new thread about this issue.

I'm using a custom font on B4i v2.00 and I'm creating all the labels via code without designer.

#AppFont: lcddot.ttf in the Project Attributes

later in the code

Label1.Text = "Test"
Label1.TextColor = Colors.White
Label1.TextAlignment = Label1.ALIGNMENT_LEFT
Label1.Font = Font.CreateNew2("LCDDot",10)
MyPage.RootPanel.AddView(Label1, 0dip, 0dip, 100dip, 100dip)

the createnew2 procedure doesn't work.

if I use Label1.Font = Font.CreateNew(10) everything works fine.

As attachment, you'll find the font I use.


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Andrea Falcucci

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Wow. It's incredible.

I'm using a mac mini for compilation.

I don't know why but after restarting both windows machine and osx machine, now it is working.

It's quite strange but it's work now.

Thanks for the help
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