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Hi everyone, I wish to do an nicer app by using some custom UI elements.
It's possibile to achieve this type of result? (specifically che horizontal list in the navigation bar)

Thanks in advance :D



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You should be able to add a tab view right under the navigation bar then set the tab color to the same color as the navbar and the two will look like one.
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Page.TitleView - how to use it correctly? I want to arrange some labels and buttons. maybe there is a LoadLayout method or something else?


I need to get something like this
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Semen Matusovskiy

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TitleView is any View (for example, a Panel).

Let's say you use two left and two right bar buttons. An icon typically has a size 24 * 24 dip (plus better to take 12 additional dips for spaces).
You can do following (for portrait mode)
    myPanel.Initialize ("")
    myPanel.Width = GetDeviceLayoutValues.Width - 36 * 4
    myPanel.Height = 40 ' IMO, optimal size
    myPanel.LoadLayout ("myPanel")
    Page1.TitleView = myPanel
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