B4A Library Custom Keyboard example/attempt

Since the b4a community has helped me greatly in the past :sign0188:, I would like to give something back. :sign0100:

For an astronomy app I've build I needed a night vision safe keyboard. The Android virtual keyboard is just to brightly colored.
So I went to see if someone had already made a custom keyboard in b4a...
Even though some people made valiant attempts to make a custom keyboard, they where either too complex or too limited for my use.

So I decided to make one myself and here is my valiant attempt.

This keyboard makes intensive use of designer scripts and the ninePatch technique.
The result is a nice looking, skinable and rich virtual keyboard that uses remarkable little code.
I haven't attempted to make a class out of this code, since I'm one of those legendary supercool procedural programmers :cool: and my OO skills are a bit rusty ;)
But I'm sure one of you will be able to wrap this old school code into a spiffy class of some sorts.

So grab it an run with it!
I would really appreciate it if you would post your refined/upgraded/extended versions of this code here in this topic.
That way we can all benefit from our collective effort to build the ultimate b4a custom keyboard.



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