Android Code Snippet Custom notifications channel


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Starting from Android 8, notifications are grouped by channels. The notification behavior depends on the channel it belongs to.
With B4A v8+ notification channels are created automatically based on the importance level.

You can use the following code to manually create a notification channel with the same id as the notification channel that will be created internally. This allows you to override the notification behavior.

Note that once a notification channel was created then you cannot change its behavior. This means that:

1. You must call this code before you initialize the notification object.
2. If you have already created a notification in the past then you need to uninstall the app to see the changes (clean the project afterward).

Sub CreateNotificationChannel(ImportanceLevel As Int)
   Dim p As Phone
   If p.SdkVersion >= 26 Then
       Dim ctxt As JavaObject
       Dim channelId As String = "channel_" & ImportanceLevel
       Dim channel As JavaObject
       channel.InitializeNewInstance("", Array(channelId, Application.LabelName, ImportanceLevel))
       'modify the channel
       'For example: disable the badge feature
       channel.RunMethod("setShowBadge", Array(False))
       'set it
       Dim manager As JavaObject = ctxt.RunMethod("getSystemService", Array("notification"))
       manager.RunMethod("createNotificationChannel", Array(channel))
   End If
End Sub
Dim n As Notification
   n.Icon = "icon"
   n.SetInfo("test", "test", Main)
Depends on: Phone and JavaObject libraries. Requires B4A v8+