Android Question customlistview height weird after IME_HeightChanged


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I can't manage to set the correct height/position for a customlistview (x1.54) after the soft keyboard is open (b4a 8.3).

With the keyboard closed, if I add panels to the customlistview, the last one is opened outside the screen, even if I use ScrollToItem or JumpToItem.

With the keyboard opened, the bottom panels (outside the clv) covers the last panel of the clv. Maybe an animation could help.

My IME_HeightChanged event:

    pnlMain.Height = NewHeight 'the main panel, where everything is placed
    pnlBotones.Top = NewHeight - pnlBotones.Height 'the bottom panel, where buttons are = pnlBotones.Top - pnlMainChart.Height 'the 2nd bottom panel, the gray one; the clv is above this
    clvLista.AsView.Height = pnlMain.Height - pnlBotones.Height - pnlMainChart.Height 'the clv, the third thing from bottom to top

the behavior: