iOS Question CustomListView loaded layout can't be modified by code


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Hi everyone, i'm trying to adapt an example of a chat layout (android reference by @Douglas Farias)

I want to change the property (width, height, position) of a panel in a customlistview (loaded with loadlayout).

If I go step by step with the Debugger it seems to work, but as soon as it go on the "End Sub" of the "VisibleHeightChanged" it reset all things, and all the views return as before all the settings.

I leave a project to test.... This thing it's driving me crazy

How it should looks like (screenshot taken while debugging line by line):

How it looks if i press "play":


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Make sure that "handle resize event" option is not checked in the layout file if you want to change the layout programmatically. Another option is to change the layout in the resize event.

ok, later i will check if there is that option.
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