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  1. FrenchDeveloper

    FrenchDeveloper Member Licensed User

    Browser customview with designer properties, hidable top bar, automatic refresh, PDF management, external browser redirection, url string tracking, FontAwesome buttons, Progressbar


    Dependencies :
    - WebViewExtras
    - FontAwesome

    New in version 1.1 :
    - Progressbar (color defined in designer property)
    - Corrected a bug with Home button
    As designer properties were added, you need to open and save your layouts containing SimpleBrowser

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  2. peacemaker

    peacemaker Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Seems, main aim of the class is to help with tracking for some text on the web-page - it's useful
  3. FrenchDeveloper

    FrenchDeveloper Member Licensed User

    To be exact, the class doesn't track a text in the Web page but you can do it in the pagefinished event as you can do it with the native webview.
    This class implements tracking of a text in the url.

    Hoping it will be useful. Collaboration between developers brings so much power to the product !
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  4. FrenchDeveloper

    FrenchDeveloper Member Licensed User

    I updated the version to 1-1. Please look at the first post for details
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