Data collection from devices to Desktop using SQLite


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I'm developing an application would on several devices as well as on the desktop.

Each time I have some new data (records) in the devices, want to append it on the desktop into a single database. I'm using SQLite database.

Whether its possible to append the records from several devices to a single database on the desktop using SQLite ?

Please give tips or hints.



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Our purpose is to build an application for demographic surveillance in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is currently done on paper, but our idea is to move to PDA. For this we are trying several options, amongst others Handbase and EPIHandy. Until now without success. We first want to try Basic4ppc and see whether it can do what we need, which is:
- using about 10 to 20 PDA's merging info from these PDA's in a desktop single database in about 15 tables
- controlled downloading of data from desktop to specific PDA's for field verification and updating of previous collected information as the surveillance system supposed to be.

Maybe you can tell us upfront, if this is possible to do with Basic4ppc and SQLite.



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Hello, this can be done. I would suggest the following:

A) It's best to user a client / server infrastructure. Setup a web server with apache and php.

B) Upload your sqlite database from the PPC to the server via HTTP post.

C) Use PHP's inbuilt SQLite 3 library (via the PDO library) to read from the PPCs sqlite database and then write it to the servers SQLite database. The PPCs database is only used by the one user, but the server's SQLite database is used by all users.

D) When sending data back to the PPC, use PHP to create a new SQLite database, fill it with the relevant information for the user who has connected, and then send it back to the PPC.