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Hi folks. I am talking loudly , doing some Brain storms.

Perhaps, I will make a stupid question, but I can't resist to do it. I am looking to learn about the internal structure of Android.

My humble understanding.
The folder /data/dalvik-cache folder is where the .dex files are saved. for each APP. after APK installation.

I guess we cannot do the next. Only if the phone is rooted.

1.- Install a Demo.apk.
2.- run the Demo APP and after a button is pressed, copy from File.DirDefaultExternal a new Classes.dex to overwrite the original classes.dex in /data/dalvik-cache folder. And the Demo APP now will be a NoDemo APP. ???? mmmo_O

I had been thinking (yes, Crazy idea :eek:), make a demo APP, and later send the full NOdemoAPP, the demo app copy the classes.dex (full APP licensed) to /data/dalvik-cache folder and run full. without need to copy the Assests files icons, draws etc only the classes.dex.

I guess, it will only work in rooted phones!!. but if only run in rooted phones!!, how the APK file can uncompressed and save the .dex files in /data/dalvik-cache folder in the normal installation procedure like is downloaded from any store. and the demo app can't overwrite a new .dex . in runtime like a normal APP from DirDefaultExternal ?? .

It is a brain storm. I did not make any lab.

Thanks :D