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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Robert Grabowski, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Robert Grabowski

    Robert Grabowski Member Licensed User

    I have a visual designer form with about 126 EditText objects plus many more labels and buttons. Data entry needs to happen all over the form. The form is too big to fit on devices smaller than 7 inches, so I load it to sv1 defined as a ScrollView2d object:

    sv1.Initialize(140%x,160%y, "sv2Scoring")
    Activity.AddView(sv1, 0,0,100%x, 100%y)

    The form loads and appears correctly. I can move the panel around and view all the elements. I can RequestFocus on an EditText and highlight the object without moving the panel. The problem is that every keystroke the user enters slams the panel left so that the right edge is visible on the right edge of the screen, thus hiding the entry fields on the left half of the screen. No matter which control has focus, the panel gets pushed full left.

    I have tried every combination of manifest entries for the softkeyboard, but no manifest entry appears to affect this behavior.

    For 7" and larger devices I can load the layout directly on the Activity and data entry occurs as expected.

    What control is driving the panel full left on every keystroke entered in to the EditText objects? How do I stop this unreasonable action?
  2. Robert Grabowski

    Robert Grabowski Member Licensed User

    Additional details for the issue. I set up the ScrollChanged event for the ScrollView2D object and found that it changes PosX to 587 every time an EditText receives focus and every time a keystroke is entered in the EditText. This puts about half of the controls off screen and makes it impossible to see what is being entered. Yes, I can reposition the ScrollView2d panel after every keystroke, but I would prefer not to have to do battle with the controls in order for the user to see the EditText with focus.
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