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I'm new to window mobile pocket pc development. Infact we have enterprise application for packaging industry and some of the part of that software we want to develop on handheld. I have few questions and wondering if Basic4ppc has the capability to achieve it.

1. We are using MSSQL for our application, can i develop application which can communicate with live mssql database to work with data.

2. What is the best approach to develop application on pocket pc? Work offline, store data on device and then sync with pc to put the data on database. In this case it will never interact with live data.

3. Is their possibility to force crystal report to print thru pocket pc?

I think these are few questions at this point.

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1. probably not without some sort of interface (php page)
you could use hph server to have a local server
2. you need to take into account the power usage (wifi / gprs /3g)
offline will get the best usage time, but if you need live data you need to be online
3. probably not


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Well most likely we will be using wifi to commuicate with data server. So what is the best bet in the case?

What else is the option to do some sort of printing thru pocket pc?



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I am currently working in a serial Infrared Printer interface, wich, if succeed, will allow to print via IR to IRDA enabled printer, and hopefully to HP IR printers too...
Hope to have some working stuff during next week...