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I currently developed an app for loan collection and its handling around 500 rows max on a single table with around 25 columns and its working ok. My question is if I load and sqlite database table containing say 5000 rows, can this be handled properly by android or is there a limit on data handling or will this affect system performance?
If anyone had tested running an app with a large database, can I have your feedback please? Thanks in Advance....
My device is a generic phone
Quadcore 1.3 Ghz MediaTeck Procie
1 Gig system memory
3 Gig Internal


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I am sure you will get more feedback on improving SQLite performance from others too, but here are just a few from my end:
1. Use indexes for your table. Index the columns that you use most in queries.
2. Query only the fields you want to display instead of all columns.
3. Use a WHERE clause to limit the number of rows to display.
4. Use LIMIT example: SELECT * FROM MyTable LIMIT 500
4. Avoid calculated fields when possible.
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