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Some of you will remember
db2000 functions library for B4PPC, certainly the older forum members will remember... well, a few years ago I realized a version for Java and subsequently for B4A and B4J... after removing some classes and methods that I have not considered attractive because too tied to particular projects, I decided to make available to an adapted version of the library... thus were born db2000.J.eXtrafunctions, db2000.B4A.eXtrafunctions and db2000.B4J.eXtrafunctions! :)

In this library there are also classes and methods already seen in libraries of other authors (but not for this are copies!), there are methods apparently redundant as those in classes
fDATE and fDATESTRING... other methods may seem unnecessary because they are already embedded in B4A and B4J but as I wrote earlier are "things" that come from far away (the library was initially created for Java), anyway I used the library and its methods with great satisfaction also in recent projects!... however, although there are many methods, the library remains under 52Kb!

The library in its versions (
J (Java), B4A and B4J) is provided as is, without warranty, so the author (me ;)) disclaims any responsibility!

A summary of the documentation of the classes and methods of db2000.J.eXtrafunctions can be reached
here... from links below the adapted versions of the library for Java, B4A and B4J...

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P.S. - for all version: JRE 7 or later; Android: 4.0.2 or later -


fixed some incompatibilities and small bugs, new
documentation generated with javadoc (11.0.2) and added new methods to the fINI class:

- SetCommentStartMarker/GetCommentStartMarker sets/gets the start character in comment rows
- SetKeysToUpperCase/GetKeysToUpperCase sets/gets if all the characters of the keys are to be considered uppercase or not
- SetLineSeparator/GetLineSeparator sets/gets the end-line character(s)


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