Android Question Decode Special Char in Textbox

Gianni Sassanelli

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I am developing an application for EAN128 barcode reading

in this proce i need to track CHR(29) char that is used from EAN128 to separate 2 or more field

i read my barcode in a textbox object but the chr(29) char is IGNORED
CHAR(29) is not readable char and is the GS GroupSeparator used by GS1 128 standard

I have tried the TXT_EnterPressed and Txt_TextChanged events but unsuccesfully.

Can I have some help please?

My string is "10010220" & CHR(29) & "370012" but in the before in mentioned event the CHR(29) IS NOT PRESENT!!!


Gianni Sassanelli

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Just to be sure that the character is not there, check the string length with: Log(EditText1.Text.Length) and compare it to the visible characters.
Hi Erel,
with your souggest i have solved

For n = 1 To txtBarcode.Text.Length
if  Asc(sf.Mid(txtBarcode.Text,n,1))) = 29 then 
msgbox("GS1 found","")
end if 

Gianni Sassanelli

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It's always better to handle the source/raw data. So where do you get the data from? Is it via BT? Then check and handle the bytes received.
Thank's KMatle but is impossible for me do that you write
I'm using an industrial Android device with inside Barcode Reader that work in keyboard emulation on Device.