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Bonjour les amis,
Google Play store says:
Alerte : une de vos applications exige votre attention
Vos applications ont été supprimées du Play Store, car vous n'avez pas accepté le nouveau contrat relatif à la distribution (pour les développeurs) avant la date limite. Toutes les fonctionnalités ont été désactivées pour les utilisateurs (le cas échéant). Maintenant que vous avez accepté ledit contrat, vous pouvez renvoyer les applications concernées."

I fill in the form, CORRECTLY, but still unable to return the application: it says "Can not register the application, please check that the form does not contain any errors." Yet everything is well filled, I do not see any error.
An idea?
merci beaucoup


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I have found problems with both the Play Store and the Apple Store (which is worse) websites. Certain of the web dialog elements are either non-functional or absent from the web-page entirely. I notice this behavior most when using my default browser Firefox but less so with IE. For me Chrome seems to give the best all-round performance.

It can be quite a job staring at a web page trying to decide what... if anything... is missing. Try a different browser and you may find some element that you should have accepted.
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