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First of all, thank you for a great application. Being able to create ios apps without objective C is really exciting.

I have been playing around and managed to convert one of my simple webview b4a apps within minutes, which was very encouraging. Now I have a few questions about deployment.

I have a local IPAD device, and I am using the mac cloud compilation bridge service provided by you. That works fine. I am wondering how I can get the app onto other devices without using the appstore.

I understand about adding the other device UID into the app developer certificate setup etc. I have done that. But, How to deploy to other devices without having to compile the app from b4i onto them.

I saw mention in another post of an .ipa file - something I assume is similar to an APK.
I thought it might be possible to retrieve (like you can copy from the b4a bin folder) and email this file to someone with an IOS device who has given me their UID that I registered onto my apple developer site.

But where can I get a copy of the compiled .ipa file? It doesn't appear to be created on the b4i client. Is there some way to copy the compiled app off of my ipad and email that?

I am asking as I am hoping this can be a way to deploy apps without needing them to go through the app store / approval process.


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1. Compile in Release mode.
2. Download ipa.

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