Other Designer and Abstract Designer communication


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I seek a solution to this "problem" for a long time (fortunately, in the meantime I think and do other things).

I would like to create a tool (for Windows) which automatically generates some layouts (also).

Create a file .bal: you can not (yet somehow it is generated).

Can I at least know if you can pass information to the "Abstract Designer" in the same way the "Designer" does this? (from my .net project, of course).

That is, when I write in the designer:

100 as the value Left and I press enter, this 100 is sent to the Abstract Designer (which redraws the view).

I even tried using the .Net command SendKeys !!!

If there is no other way, I will have to create layouts by code.
I think this is not a problem, it does not take up more space (apk bytes) and I know how to manage this code easily, but this would not be acceptable to the users of my tool.

Thanks a lot