Bug? Designer window over other windows


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With the new version V4, the designer window allways stays on the top even if it looses focus.

If this designer window is in the middle of the screen and you start a compilation, the compilation window is behind the designer. But you can't move it because it has lost the focus and you cannot see the compilation messages.

When you display the About screen, it is displayed behind the Designer window. You cannot close the About screen because you cannot see it. And you cannot move the designer window because it has not the focus. You're chess and mat ! Ctrl+alt+del...

The configure Path window is above Designer. The private sign key, screenshots, build configuration are behind...


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Make sure that the Top Most option is not checked in the designer.



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The Designer was in top most with V3 without problems of over/behind and is still in top most with V4.
But "top most" is for over the text editor, not over other modal windows like the Compilation or the About. The "top most" must not block the use of the IDE.

If I open the About and if it is opened behind the Designer, all the IDE is blocked.
If I compile an application and the Compilation is opened behind the designer, all the IDE is blocked.

But even is the Designer is in top mode, the Path Configuration is over it : it is the right behaviour. Why not the other windows ?


Window Help behind the Designer. IDE is blocked


Configure Path over the Designer. It's OK