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Hi to all!
As wrote in Android documentation: "Apps that target Android 8.0 or higher can no longer register broadcast receivers for implicit broadcasts in their manifest. An implicit broadcast is a broadcast that does not target that app specifically", applications can't now listen to new paired device (or unpaired). Is possibile to achieve this thing (like we are using inplicit intent) without using job scheduler? (Job scheduler as i understood can scan devices every 15m)

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Why they can´t? Do you get any error?
Intent is not recognized by application

BluetoothAdmin will work. If you want to discover devices while the app is in the background then you need to use a foreground service.

I Need to recognize It in background, but this mean that i need to show a persistent notification (am i wrong?) and this is not wonderful for a good UI in my app
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I have recently received more and more reports that the startup with Bluetoth on my app Tempomaster no longer works. Since I do not use this autostart myself, I checked it. On my smartphone with Android 8.0 also happened nothing more. I bought the phone with Android 7, there was everything right with the startup. The updates were done automatically.

I use the autostart from the following article:

I found the solution of the problem rather by accident. I tried this example and put it into my project:

Suddenly, the service S2 logged back with log messages. This one was not started before. I had adopted a manifest entry of the new example in my project:

AddPermission (android.permission.BLUETOOTH)
AddPermission (android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN)

The second line is the added entry. That was the whole art. The Bluetoth autostart now works as usual.

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