Android Question Detecting events like 'message arrival' etc. in WhatsApp application - reg.


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I wish to write a routine which will do the following:

i) Detect when a Whatsapp message arrives in my mobile.
ii) If the message is from a particular mobile number move it to a particular
folder in my mobile , both the message and the related audio or video or any attachment that was sent by that mobile number.
iii) If I reply to that message, a copy of the reply that I have given with attachment(audio, video) will also go to another email-id.

Ps. help.

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I, II, III: Whatsapp does not provide an Api.
Show us a java code which does what you want and we can help you porting it.

Away from that i don´t think it is possible,

I: It may be possible to do using NotificationListener. Probably only works if the Whatsapp on the device is configured to show notifications.
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