Device/Emulator connect in designer fails with daemon error


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Hi All,

I’m hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction for an error I’m getting when I try and connect Designer to the Android Emulator.

I am attempting to run one of the tutorials that utilizes the designer. The steps listed in the tutorial are as follows:

1. Start B4A
2. Start the Emulator
3. Save the project
4. Start the Designer
5. From the designer select toolConnect to Device / Emulator

When it attempts to connect I get the following error
“An error occurred.”
** daemon still not runningerror: Cannot connect to daemon

Restarting ADB Server may solve this problem.
Main – Tools – Restart ADB server

What I have done to attempt to resolve:

I have restarted ADB, both from B4A and from a command prompt – No change
I have rebooted the computer – No change
I have turned off anti-virus – No change
I have verified that the firewall is turned off - No change
I havre plugged my Xoom into the computer and attempted to use it instead of the emulator – No change

I can open a command prompt and enter adb devices and it returns the emulator or if I have my Xoom plugged in it will return the Xoom. It appears that ADB is working correctly and that the issue is with B4A.

My current configuration is as follows:

MS Windows Professional 64-bit SP1
12GB Memory
Android SDK Tool version 1.14
Basic4Android version 2.20, (Installed over the top of the previous version)
Java 6 update 31
Java SE Development Kit 6 Update 26
Motorola Device Manager version 2.2.28

Can anybody provide any insight into what might be causing this and any possible solutions? I have read recommendations of uninstalling the Android SDK and re-installing, which seems like a bit over the top to me, as it takes hours to re-download everything with my network connection and in all the instances I found that this was recommended and tried it didn’t resolve the issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.