B4R Library DHT Library

First library wrapped for B4R !!

It allows reading the temperature and humiity from DHT11 & DHT22 sensor.(The wrapped library is Arduino's DHT.h library)

See this post for DHT11/DHT22 characteristics & B4R program

I attached the dht.h and dht.cpp arduino files library and the wrapped for B4R (rdht.h,rdht.cpp and rdht.xml)

v2.0: DHT11/DHT22 measuring enabled (dht.h & dht.cpp not modified) ; B4R library on rDHTv2.zip (rDHT.h,rDHT.cpp, rDHT.xml)
P.D: I've only wrapped the library for DHT11 sensor; if you've another sensor type (in the DHT family) like DHT22, I think you'll have to modify the wrapped files


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