iOS Code Snippet Differences between B4A and B4i

This section will be a record of all the differences between b4a and b4i for future use. This has been sourced from questions asked.

1. b4a - Activity_Resume: b4i - Page_Appear
2. iTableView / ListView : in b4i if you are loading dynamic items, run the .ReloadAll method to refresh your listview contents
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b4i does not have this method yet for the ListView, here is an adoption:
Usage: AddTwoLinesAndBitMap2(iTableViewID, Title, Description, LoadBitMap(), key)

The b4a has this method built in for it.

Public Sub AddTwoLinesAndBitmap2(LV As TableView, sTitle As String, sDescription As String, img As Bitmap, sKey As String)
    Dim tc As TableCell = LV.AddTwoLines(sTitle, sDescription)
    tc.Bitmap = img
    tc.Tag = sKey
End Sub