Different compiling optimized or not


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Compile with 6.01 with optimized compiler, error
errorCS0246:Impossible find name space 'SerialDesktop'.

without optimized all ok.

where is error?:sign0085:


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Are you sure that you are using the latest version of the serial.dll ?
Some libraries have been rebuild by Erel to work with the optimized compile.



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tnk for help, now ok, but:

Sub ab(an)
If an Mod 400 = 0 Then
Return = True // error in com:sign0085:piling
Else If an Mod 100 = 0 Then
Return = False
End If
End Sub

error CS1002: not found (;)
Line: return=true

Help me please


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All OK

However, the speed remained the same as the version 5.80
I use sqlite and 10 forms


Help for External Compile Error CS 1002

I am getting an Error when I compile my program

This is the error:

Error Compiling Program.
Error message: error CS1002: ; expected

Can you say where is the error ? I cannot understand where is the error or it never says a line number. So I need to check all of the code ?