B4i Library Displaying another Page from within a custom lib

Haris Hafeez

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Hello All,

I've been trying to create a custom library that will wrap the MWPhotoBrowser library. This library pushes its own UIViewController on the Navigation Controller to show images. I have created the wrapper and got it compiled and generated the XML. So far so good. But, the problems start here.

So in my B4i app, which builds fine, I test this library and pass in the NavControl object to the library method to display the UIPageController it wants to display but unfortunately it doesn't quite work as expected.
I'm passing my NavControl object because the author of the library simply asks to do this:

//browser is the UIViewController object
[self.navigationController pushViewController:browser animated:YES];
The page does get presented in my app but it doesn't contain the image that the library's UIViewController should display. It is a black blank page.

So my gut feeling is that we need to do something with the UIViewController object, something like preparing it with some B4i magic before it can be used by our B4i NavControl object. I could be completely off though.

I've run out of steam a bit trying to get this to work. Would appreciate some help here.

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