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I plan to buy a dji mini 2 drone. It does not appear in the list of supported drones.
checking the FAQ for it I see this answer:

Air 2S, Mini 2, Mini SE, SDK release, Version

We're glad you're interested in using our SDK to develop for it.

The release date has been announced, we plan to release the Android version of MSDK 4.16 at the end of December, in which we will support Mini2, Air 2S and Mini SE. We believe this time will come soon.

Will this enable use of B4A applications on the mini 2 ?


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Yes, after the B4A wrapper is updated.

Note that there is an open issue related to the registration. Based on my tests it is related to DJI SDK. I will soon update to their latest version, which was recently released, and hopefully it will be solved.

Is there a timeline for the update of the B4A wrapper?
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