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Hi All,
I was succesfully developing an application for the mavic mini. It was working fine up to today when the mini denies to connect to the SDK.
I tried again with the simple drone application provided by Erel, same result
I tried to kill my DJI account including all the app keys, then I created a new account with a new email address, registered the applications under new names but the problem remains the same: impossible to connect the aircraft.

here is an extract of the filtered log, the detailled one is attached in a file
**************************** BaseApplication2 **************************
*** Service (starter) Create ***
** Service (starter) Start **
** Activity (main) Create, isFirst = true **
** Activity (main) Resume **
Registered successfully!
activation state: UNKNOWN
binding state: UNKNOWN
Activation state changed: LOGIN_REQUIRED
SDK_BindingStateChanged: UNKNOWN
Aircraft disconnected!
onComponentChange: CAMERA
onComponentChange: GIMBAL
onComponentChange: FLIGHT_CONTROLLER
onComponentChange: BATTERY
onComponentChange: AIR_LINK
onComponentChange: REMOTE_CONTROLLER
Product connected
simulator: false
*** Service (remote) Create ***
** Service (remote) Start **
Activation state changed: ACTIVATED
SDK_BindingStateChanged: UNKNOWN
Aircraft disconnected!
SDK_BindingStateChanged: UNBOUND
Aircraft disconnected!

I must admit I'm stuck...
Any help welcome ! Thanks


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Thank you Erel.
Unfortunately I get the DJI Fly app and I'm logged in.
Litchi works fine too.

I uninstalled DJI fly and donwloaded it from DJI servers. I performed the installation and logging but the result is the same.

I found a workaround to allow playing with the SDK despite the "not connected status": just removing the UItimer stop...

Sub SDK_BindingStateChanged (State As String)
    Log($"SDK_BindingStateChanged: ${State}"$)
    If (State = "BOUND" Or State = "NOT_REQUIRED") And aircraft <> Null And aircraft.Connected Then
        Log("Aircraft disconnected!")
        lblText.Text = $"Disconnected!!!"$
    '    UItimer.Enabled = False
    End If
End Sub
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Or (more seriously) your app being spread, you are no longer eligible to the free plan :

Free plan limit is : Up to 20 mobile app activations

What does it means exactly ? Your App activated on more than 20 drones ?

Edit : seems to be your app activated on 20 different mobile phones :
Well, it could be that indeed.
My app was given for test to some friends on a forum, then the problem occured on the simulator...
I think I fried my DJI free license !
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look at that shit , quickly playing with DJI SDK may cost you 99$ a year or 500$ one time for ever... Well this is clearly business oriented and not adapted to hobbyists ;-(

  1. Free Tier Membership
    • When you create your DJI Developer account on the Website, you will be automatically enrolled as a free tier member.
    • A free tier member will be able to register or activate up to twenty (20) SDK Products. Each registration or activation would allow you to use one (1) SDK-based application with one (1) aircraft.
    • As a free tier member, you can access support from
  2. Professional Tier Membership
    • You can upgrade your account from a Free Tier Membership to a Professional Tier Membership for $99 p er year. This Professional Tier Membership will be automatically renewed every year, and does not provide monthly plans.
    • You may downgrade back to the Free Tier Membership at any time which effectively stops the recurring billing. After downgrading, at the end of the current membership cycle (one (1) year from the purchase of the upgraded membership), you will become a free tier member again. Please note, DJI does not provide refund for any cancellation or unused services of the Professional Tier Membership.
    • As a professional tier member, your support requests to will be handled with higher priority than requests from free tier members.
  • You may purchase a one-time Premium Support code for $499 at any time.
  • You will need to provide the Premium Support code along with your support request to
  • DJI will respond to Premium Support requests within two (2) business days (Mondays through Fridays, excluding US and China holidays).
  • The Premium Support code may not be refunded, assigned or otherwise transferred. It will expire when DJI has resolved one (1) support request submitted with the code.
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premium is only for the "support" and it is a "one time ticket"

It has to be added to the 99$ professional tier (annual fee)
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