Android Question Do latest and greatest B4A releases use BitmapFactory.Options.inBitmap


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During googling about how Android handles memory when displaying bitmaps I have come across this:
Manage Memory on Android 3.0 and Higher
Android 3.0 (API level 11) introduces the BitmapFactory.Options.inBitmap field. If this option is set, decode methods that take the Options object will attempt to reuse an existing bitmap when loading content. This means that the bitmap's memory is reused, resulting in improved performance, and removing both memory allocation and de-allocation. However, there are certain restrictions with how inBitmap can be used. In particular, before Android 4.4 (API level 19), only equal sized bitmaps are supported. For details, please see the inBitmap documentation.

I have an app that targets SDKs 22 thru 30 - i.e. above the 11 and 19 noted in the quote.

The app shows a series of typically square images that take up the screen width.

Does B4A 10.70 take advantage of BitmapFactory.Options.inBitmap and thus mean I do not to do anything specific to manage bitmap memory usage?

Thanks in anticipation...