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  1. Zafer Oz

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    Easy to use Domain Name Search and WHOIS Lookup:

    - Checking for availability of any domain name,
    - 158+ TLD extensions are supported,
    - Popular domain extensions like (com,net,org,biz,edu,gov etc..) on the go
    - Domain names with other extensions can be checked using "OTHER" option
    - Look-up WHOIS domain registration information

    - Recent List of checked domain names
    - Recheck WHOIS domain registration information from the list
    - No Ads

    Online Domain Registration is not available at the moment but planning to add in the future.

    Firstly developed for own use and then decided to make it public.

    Hope you will enjoy using it and please do not hesitate to send your ratings and comments.

    2015_07_25_09.25.10.png 2015_07_25_09.26.16.png 2015_07_25_09.26.31.png 2015_07_25_09.28.59.png 2015_07_25_09.27.32.png
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