Android Question Doubt about Google maps and location services usage

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by JordiCP, May 10, 2015.

  1. JordiCP

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    I am developing an app using Google Maps and works fine. With it I can get my map, put some markers on it, get my updated position based on the hardware that I have active (network, Wifi, GPS, all....), even send notifications.

    But now I want to also update my position in the background using a service and here is where things begin to be confusing to me:

    I have seen examples of different location providers which can be used in a service (I can't use gmap since it is an activity object....or can I)? but they require high precission mode in the device.

    Anyone can put some light into this? What is the best way to do it? I mean, that it can work even if the user turns GPS off (with less accuracy of course).
  2. warwound

    warwound Expert Licensed User

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  3. JordiCP

    JordiCP Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Thanks a lot. I had seen this example but had not paid enough attention to the code that allowed to modify these settings.

    Really impressed with this great lib!
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