B4J Question Drag and drop between two CustomListView in B4J feasible?


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A possibility is being searched for to execute Drag and Drop (DD) between two CustomListViews in B4J.

Although different DD variants have been made available in the community, it has not yet been possible to create a variant that offers the following options:
a) List views are to be used that offer an individual layout with variable line height.
b) DD should be possible both within a list view and between two list views on different SplitPanel layouts.
c) The moved item is to be removed from the source list and inserted into the target list.​

In B4A this could be realized by means of Informatix's ULV. Unfortunately there is no source code available from the ULV to build the functionality in B4J.​

Erel's CLVDragger class already fulfills the part " moving an item within a CustomListView", but would need to be extended to allow moving an item to another CustomListView, which is located on an adjacent SplitPanel pane.


Is this extension technically possible in principle, or would it be discouraged due to its complexity?