Android Question Drag and Drop with PinchZoomAndMove


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I setup some images with PinchZoomAndMove and I need to capture the event when any of them are moved and dropped.

The image movement works. How do I capture the drop?
PZ(c).Initialize( imb,"MyEvent",c,0.5,3,1.5,True,Me)
I already have the code to determine position in a function

Sub MyEvent_Action
' Here I can determine the position.

End Sub

That sub never gets called. How do I setup the event function so it gets triggered when an image movement ends?

The following events give me an Error and the app crashes.
Sub MyEvent_Click
End Sub
Sub MyEvent_LongClick
End Sub
Sub MyEvent_Change
End Sub

The Error is:
"MyEvent_Change signature does not match the expected signature."

Using a Panel1_Touch doesn't work because you need to touch the panel for it to trigger the event. Touching an image doesn't trigger the Panel1_Touch event.

I'm tried the legacy debugger, the rapid and even in Release, they do the same thing.

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