DrawingBoard, hummmm.....I wonder....


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Taximania had once, and recently re-vamped, a thread were he stated:
"Back to the drawing Board..."

So I wonder....
How does one start the designing of an app.
What are Your initial steps...
How do you takle the problem...

THIS IS POLL of some sort...
Not a real doubt...
Just to have an idea how to best start the designing and coding...Tricks and Tips are apreciated...


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Of course I go first...
I like to start rigth away coding, and then sort the issues/problems as they occour...
That sometimes forces me to re-start my project several times...
Still looking for a more structured way of doing things, but the coding rush is stronger....


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1st Screen layou(Designer)
2nd Init variables
3rd Get input
4th Set output
5th Exit(with init)
These can be broken up in subsets


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With me, it is all quite woolly; I have an idea in my head and start by trying to code straight away. I know this is wasteful, maybe I should write everything down on paper and start from there.

I'm also terrible for test-running my code virtually line by line; so I'll write a line, test, then another. I should trust myself a little more! Sometimes I will stare at the screen for ages and other times it flows. I don't always know how much to put in each sub, to either keep them as lean as possible or have one sub handling an entire area of the application.

I suppose I should submit a couple of projects for you lot to pull apart!
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Here's is how I do it with most of my apps I build.

1> Get some basic idea of what the client wants, as in DB type, Graphics and so on.

2> Start designing a rough draft of the GUI (Window, Buttons, EditFields, etc.) and then allowing the client to check it to see if it to there liking.

3> Once GUI has been setup, then hard coding begins (which is the fun part).

4> Let Client test out the rough app, and make any mods if so needed.

5> Finish coding of all parts (DB, Graphics, etc.), then let client test it out. If any issues, then it can be fixed quickly.

6> When app is 99% complete, start working on the Help file as doing so before is just a waste of time as you set one thing in the help file then if it changes, you have to change not only the code but now the help file.

7> Beta Stage - Let the client test out the app that is now 99.99% completed with help file and all DB parts working.

8> If client likes it then finish the software, if not then fix the issues that need to be addressed.

9> Completed Application - Give client the software and recieve payment (but in my case I give most of my software away.)

10> On to the next application project!

Not sure if would help anyone but this is how I do it.


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No1. Check that the application you want to produce does
not fall under the 'Intelectual Copyright' of somebody else.

Ha ha ha ha :sign0060:

No2. Buy Basic4ppc :sign0188: , to Erel and his team.

My 'Caller, Text' app V2.Beta for WinMobile will be posted soon.
I like the features, but can take critisism ;)