Share My Creation DSLRmaster 2 Remote - remote control for DSLRmaster 2

My first Android app is now online (it's not my first app but the first in google play).

DSLRmaster 2 Remote is a remote for my camera control software DSLRmaster 2.
DSLRmaster 2 runs on a Windows pc (preferred tablet) and is able to control almost completely
Canon dslr cameras. The main functions are tethered shooting, bracketing, stacking. But with
the integrated python interpreter the possibilities are endless.
Now with DSLRmaster 2 Remote on the android device, i can control the camera settings,
get live view on the display and take shots.

I'm using wlan for the connection between DSLRmaster 2 Remote and DSLRmaster 2, bluetooth is planned. DSLRmaster 2 has a web sockets server builtin, the remote is connecting as client. And i use json for transferring data including the live view image as base64 string.

To connect i must enter ip address and port. To simplify this, DSLRmaster shows a barcode with the current values. The remote app can scan this code (with help of the great b4aZXing lib) so it's no need to enter this data.

DSLRmaster 2 Remote works only in combination with DSLRmaster 2 on a windows pc. Without a DSLRmaster 2 license it's worthless, so no need to download it.
But i will be pleased for good ratings ;)

If anyone is interested what DSLRmaster 2 can do, i have two videos about stacking on vimeo.
The first shows focus stacking by changing the focus on the objective.
The second use a motor driven rail used with a manual focus objective. I'm using the python interpreter (the custom dialog is also python based) to control the motor.

App description in Google Play and my website are german only (and the videos too), sorry for that. But my customers are mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So i have no need to translate it at the moment (but the program itself is english too in case of interest).

The usefullness of the app is not very high, my primary goal is promoting DSLRmaster.


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