Android Question Duping an app to make a new app


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Hi -
If I want to make a new app based on an old one I made, what is the very best method?
Like the most simple would be to copy the .b4a file and folders that go with it to another folder, rename it, and go. But I'm worried it might somehow reference back to the original. Do I need to worry about that?
If so, what is a better method?


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I do this aswell for several years.

Just copy the latest project folder, adjust the package name, adjust 1 app name variable used for several routines like sharing/leaderboard..., remove previous game specific code and start writing the new one.

Most of it remains the same as it is half a kind of template.

With the custom build actions it's even easier as you can seperate the assets, icons etc from the B4A project folder and do other trickery
(move font files from .\files to .\files\Special for IOS after syncing assets to name something) which makes cross development easier to handle
and always 100% right and clean of unneeded files.
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