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NEW !!!! Erase the drawing with a defined boundary rectangle done by clip path to a rectangle and draw a project clone bitmap over the curent proeject VIDEO IN LAST POST !

A main panel holds several images, an parent image , the children , guide and grid
Touch event on main panel will keep reference of virtual origin for both parent and children
User mouves both the parent and children.
The canvas draws basic shapes first on the children image that can be mouved on ortho constraints.
The children draws itself on validation button to the parent , the action actually publish the jpg.
Each drag and release copute the the snap objects database relative to the position of the parent or children.

B4a can be wonderfull sometimes .
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Building ojects array
Label autonumber

I have upgraded the app and added some new features:
- Grid
- Drawing bitmaps
- Guidelines
- Eye drop ...get color of x,y and update the paint colors
- Boulets with autonumber increment
- Free schetch

GRID BOX dip units
Object snap precision dip units
Copy and paste objects
Move parent to fit the screen
Text properties
Copy and paste by reference point
Selection tool
Copy multiple objects with base points and move by reference point
Linear Array
Automatic ortho tracking

App build with canvas drawing and panel touch events .
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The app has no intro file manager
The app starts : take photo , modify , send
The validation procedure is like click to confirm ...imported from SolidWorks work ...for validate comands


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I have received important feedback from customer and added some basic stufs ....
It was realy hard to alighn text over lines direction defined by user. see video

please watch the new video post below
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I did not knew what it can be done with canvas
Here is the new function I bring to the app :

SNAP to points
SNAP accuracy dip units
grid space dip units

Very happy with the result... a step forward to a usefull app
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New copy and paste objects

Have created new id for easy drawn object , i am thingking on how to grab objects by selecting them ...not an easy task to do



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Waited long time to figure out how to erase objects drawn on table

Here is some simple efficient way to clear the canvas
How did I do it ?
-save the picture copy when the user starts new project
-clippath with canvas.clippath to a rectangle boundary
-draw the saved copy of original to the current project will erase all drawings objects in that area.

The video will be explain better the actions.

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