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Hello team,

I am happy to release another app at Play Store (hopefully at AppStore too). It is a simple but usefull app!

What it does?
Here in Greece, when we are fully vaccinated or negative PCR/Rapid Test, there is an official document with a QR code that says that we are vaccinated. So, my app scans this QR code and creates a new one at main page. It's usefull because you need to show almost everywhere that you are vaccinated.
Moreover, you can attach the .pdf itself (official document) or even a screenshot of that document in order to show it, without searching this file or screenshot.
Third and last feature is verification code. If you don't want to use camera or attach any file, you can add verification code of the official document and automatically creates this QR code.

Till now is only in Greek, because as i see many developers had same thought...

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Hello my friend.

Thank you for your time. I will send the excel file through pm.

Here is the new link of my app Easy Pass

My app got suspended cause it contains words like covid, pandemic, vaccination certificate etc
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