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I've been learning much in b4a development apps.

Still, I make several external libraries in Eclipse Kepler and use them with my b4a apps without any problem.

Recently, I tryed to obfuscate one with Proguard using the windows GUI), and it seems all right. Only one problem: how do I generate the modified (obfuscated) xml file to be used with b4a? I do have the map symbols replacements. Must I do it line by line?

It must surely exist a way of automating this - I think.

Any help will be apreciated.

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Never done it that way. What I do is have Public classes that are called by B4A. They don't do much other than instantiate classes and invoke methods of the instantiated classes These classes are scoped as package-private and contain the nuts and bolts of the library. Then in Proguard in the "Keep additional class names and class member names" section I specify the classes that are to be called by B4A.

This way you need do nothing with the xml file.

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