iOS Question EDIT SOLVED - [customview] Numpad keys responding inconsistently


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I am seeing erratic responses from custom numeric keypads when implemented in an application. It tests fine in stand-alone tests but when put on a panel in an app for the custom numeric pad the responses are inconsistent.

To test I added 10 Numpad views on a panel and tested all different ways; they work fine.

But when Numpad class and Numpad views are added to an app panel that has other views (labels, textfields and buttons) the key responses from the Numpad keys are inconsistent. The numeric keypad shows up fine but not all of its number keys are functional. Some of the oddities include-
- Click on some number keys yield no response; generally a row of keys e.g. 4 5 6. Sometimes it the 0 and the Del key that remain inactive. Inactive keys are different in different Numpads.
- If such a seemingly inactive key is pressed several times rapidly some times the number shows up in the text box.

Changing the position and size of the panel so that the numpad view is fully visible has not helped. Are there any known issues with numpad’s coexistence with other views?

Appreciate any help in resolving this issue. Sorry, I cannot post the app in the forum; a screenshot is attached.


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