Share My Creation Editorial system for self guided tour apps

Heritage Interpetation Apps is an editorial system for Desktop to create complete self-guided-tour apps. The programm will be used to teach students of the geographical institute of the university of Freiburg. All content will be provided as HTML and JSON and will be packed in a key-value-store as internal fileformat. The user can manage all content, make a quiz for the tour, provide some image gimicks, some pseudo augmented reality stuff like view historical image in the camera and video are supported ... and so on. The tour path will be routed using mapquest (internal httputils and json are used) and can be optimated for pedestrians or bicycles. A quality check system proofs all content on completeness. The content will be send to a corresponding Testapp as an AsyncStreamsObject (like B4aBridge).

This was a realy interesting project, because it uses the power of both systems B4A and B4J and the good integration of classes, datatypes and libraries between both.
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