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Hi guys,

Any way to "invisible-ise" the thin blue line below in the EditText box?

USD 10 for a solution - if there is one

Thank you guys,

"Goldilocks" Goldman
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An Schi

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    Private cd As ColorDrawable
    cd.Initialize(Colors.Transparent, 0)
    EditText1.Background = cd

In The layout are two EditTexts.
In EditText1 the background is set to a transparent color drawable. The second one wasn't changed.
I used a white activity and black text. Unfortunaly i don't have the time to play with more colors and see if this causes issues.....
Tested on Samsung Galaxy S4 with 5.0.1

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Thank you An Schi - I try this first

It's the BLUE LINE at the bottom of the EditText which I don't want

But I try your solution

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