Wish Embedded Video Chat capability for B4A (and B4I as well)

Discussion in 'Bugs & wishlist' started by Egemen, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Egemen

    Egemen New Member

    Hi there!

    As a new startup co-founder in Turkey I'm planning to start our development cycles. Before starting the development I'd like to select the best environment for us. Personally, I liked (I've been using Basic since ZX Sinclair Spectrum) B4A and developed several demo apps for myself. But, now we have to think seriously and want to select our path.

    Our Application (both Android and IOS) needs an embedded functionality for 1 to 1 instant messaging and video communication between 2 users with a Twilio-like solution. As far as I checked there is no direct integration for that kind of services.
    What is your plan to add that kind of functionality to your ecosystem?
    Please consider that, video communication is getting more and more important.

    Many thanks,
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