Enhanced form controls


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Does anyone know of any enhanced form controls that work on the PC and Mobile?

It doesn't look like compact framework controls have a lot of useful properties like opacity. I am looking for something that would let me use controls like label and panel that have a "transparent" property like image buttons do.

I want to be able to assign an image to a form and let the image show through on the controls that are placed on the form.


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Hi digitalton37,

I don't know of any enhanced control with transparency. The only one is the ImageButton. A Label can be replaced by an ImageButton with enabled=false and you get the same effect as the label and with transpareny. But you must know that it shows the image of the Form, if the ImageButton overlays on a Control it doesn't show the Control but the Form's image and the overlapped part of the Control is hidden.

For Panels I don't know a solution, it depends also what you need the Panel for. If it's to group several controls together, I am afraid that there is no solution yet because:
A Panel can :
- have other Controls on it
- only have a background color
- but no image
An Image :
- have no Controls on it
- have an image

Best regards.