Enum Constants and XML for External Library


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I need to use a custom library with Basic4Android.
I have the .jar file and I am working on writing the XML file needed.
It's going good so far but I ran into a problem.

The library uses Enum Constant values and I can not figure out the structure needed in the XML file for that.
I'm guessing:
<Enum Constant>
</Enum Constant>
but I have not been able to find an example in real life so I am not sure.

Does anyone have an example they could show?


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Can you tell me a little more about this.

I have looked at a lot of the stuff in the forum about external libraries and it seems that it assumes you are writing a new class.
I have a .jar file that was purchased from a company and need to use it in Basic4Android.
I assume I have to create an XML file to do that and cant seem to find an example that covers how to do it when you have an existing .jar file you want to convert.

Is there an example I'm not seeing or do I have to some how get the code for the classes in the .jar file and put them into an Eclipse project to generate the Javadoc?
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You could either take the code from the JAR file and create classes from those. I dont know if that is acceptable/legal for you.
The usual method will be to create a wrapper class, that simply calls functions/classes in the JAR file. This wrapper class can be used to expose the required functionality to B4A. The you can create the xml file easily for this wrapper.
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